Greek island hydrofoil ferry
Greek island shoreline
Leaving the harbor of a Greek island
Parthenon at night in Athens, Greece
Parthenon during the day in Athens, Greece
Roof of the Parthenon
Ruins of the Temple of Zeus in Athens
Street Vendor's Book Display — Nietzsche (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) and Camus (The Stranger) — Secular gods
Top of the Mars' Hill in Athens, Greece

Authority of Law

Standing to the right-side of the entrance of the U.S. Supreme court is the statue entitled, Authority of Law. The statue's sword illustrates the enforcement power of the law. Instructively, the tablet of marble is inscribed with the Latin word, LEX, and it is in front of the sword. Lex is the Latin word for law. In other words, the statue teaches us that the power of the sword needs to be subservient to estabilished law and not the arbitrary orders of rulers.

Aristotle wrote in Politics the following,

Surely all matters of this kind are better regulated by law than by the will of man, which is a very unsafe rule.Aristotle (350 BC), Politics, Book 2 (part 10).